The Pierre Hotel New York


As one of the best wedding venue in New York City, characterized by its simplicity and refinement, The Pierre is a landmark on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Built in the 1920s, New York’s ever-changing culture has left a unique imprint on the history of this luxurious five-star hotel. The iconic US flagship of the Taj reopened its doors after an impressive $100 million renovation.

There are six spectacular venue rooms ideal for meetings and events. The Rotunda is the signature room of The Pierre, with famous Renaissance-style trompe l’oeil murals created in 1967 by American artist Edward Melcarth. The Grand Ballroom is the largest pillarless ballroom among all five-star properties in NYC and offers uninhibited views, making it an ideal venue for all event needs.

A wedding for a minimum of 200 guests will cost the couple $300, plus tax and 22% service, per person. Then additional $4010 for staff and additional extras for a wedding this size. The Pierre also offers a Sylvia Weinstock cake built into the reception fee. The hotel offers two nights in the bridal suite gratis, plus one evening for the groom.

2 E. 61st St near Fifth Ave.   /   Contact: 212-838-8000   /   More info here